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11:23pm 29/05/2009
  Name: Alissa
Age: 20
Sex: female
Location: currently in Philly
Experience with crew/rowing: I've rowed for a year and a half now
Position (cox, coach, rower, etc): I mostly row 5 in the 8
Level at which you participate (ie, highschool, collegiate, etc): collegiate and club level
Notable achievements within crew: Won head of the Hooch, Dad Vail Final, Named an All American, got a scholarship, rowed with Vesper Boat Club, Won several ergattas, All South.
Other interests: opera singing, movies, and chilling. :)
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07:19pm 25/02/2007
  Name: katie
Age: 15
Sex: female
Location: USA, Florida
Experience with crew/rowing: this is my first year, but i'm planning on doing it all four years of highschool
Position (cox, coach, rower, etc): stroke seat
Level at which you participate (ie, highschool, collegiate, etc): high school
Notable achievements within crew: 19th out of 50 at southern erg sprints, 2nd place in first race
Anything else crew related that you feel is pertinent: crew is beautiful! i row stroke seat for our freshman boat and jv boat and am moving up to varsity next year in my sophmore year. i'm 5'5 and 115 lbs, not the usual rowing size, but my coaches say i'm a "badass stroke with great talent"
Other interests: photography, the beach, art, friends, running

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09:49pm 02/12/2006
  Name: Genevieve
Age: 16
Location : Stonington Ct
Experience with crew/rowing: 5 years sweep, 1 year sculling
Position : starboard in stern pair or engine room
Level at which you participate : high school
Notable achievements within crew: Varsity A boat, MVP 2005, 2k = 7:34, rowed at US Nationals 2006, C.R.A.S.H.-B.'s 2006, and ummmm, I hope to try out for the JNT dev camp next summer, maybe row in college :)
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At least I solved where the blood was comming from 
06:07pm 05/11/2006
  I had my first race yesterday, and my second.  My first race it was my first time being in a four and we raced in a wooden boat (old I know) and one girl quit but we still got 3rd.  My second race was in a noive 8+ and we got 1st no problem.  However after 2 5k races my hands were pretty bloody.  They're cleaned up in the picture but I was wondering what type of care you guys had on your blisters.  I've been using superglue and bandaids but was wondering if anything would be better.  Is it better to dry them out or to keep them covered?  Any thing I could do to keep from getting blisters?  Any advice would help, thanks. 

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Hello from Virginia 
09:59pm 31/10/2006
  Name: Laura
Age: 16
Location : USA, VA, Virginia Beach
Experience with crew/rowing:about over 2 years now
Position :rower
Level at which you participate : highschool
Notable achievements within crew: I am the key rower on my team(for girls)
Other interests: Meeting other rowers

Barely anyone knows about Crew in southern Va so it is nice to know some people are knowledgable about it :)
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Hi from Ireland 
12:26pm 28/10/2006
mood: tired
Name: loozy aka Julia
Age: 23
Sex: female
Location (country, state, city): Galway, Co Galway, Ireland
Experience with crew/rowing: 1yr rowing, coxing 2 months while injured
Position (cox, coach, rower, etc): rower, position 2 or stroke in a 4
Level at which you participate (ie, highschool, collegiate, etc): collegiate, NUIG BC
Notable achievements within crew: Irish National Champions 2006 in Novice Women 8, 2nd place in 2006 Irish Intervarsities in Novice Women 8 *coxed*, Winner of NUIG Head of the Corrib 2005
Anything else crew related that you feel is pertinent: with a size of 5'2 I'm better suited as a cox, size- wise, but I've fought for my place in the crew and am very proud of this achievement :)
Other interests: reading, writing, movies, relaxing, basketball, snowboard

Just finished the NUIG Head of the Corrib 2006, and now I'm gonna lie down and relax my back...
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03:31pm 17/10/2006
  Name: ...Backsplash, lol.
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Location (country, state, city): Midwest

Experience with crew/rowing: 1 month rowing, 9 months coxing
Position (cox, coach, rower, etc): Coxswain, Team President
Level at which you participate (ie, highschool, collegiate, etc): Collegiate and Masters

Notable achievements within crew: Gold and Bronze from USRowing Nationals
Anything else crew related that you feel is pertinent: To lightweights at Dad Vails, I'll see you at the finish. ;)
Other interests: Writing, watercolor, meditation, arguing with masters rowers and men who think they know everything!, checking out hot regatta men in spandex
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09:31am 16/10/2006
  Name: Phoebe Faulds
Age: 19
Sex: Girl
Location (country, state, city): USA, Washington, Olympia
Experience with crew/rowing: about 5-6 weeks
Position (cox, coach, rower, etc): rower, 
Level at which you participate (ie, highschool, collegiate, etc): College
Notable achievements within crew: I rowed a 5k in 21:27 today, bleeding blisters, I haven't raced yet but watch out when I do
Anything else crew related that you feel is pertinent: I'm 5'11" and I have lucky pants that look like the 80's threw up on me
Other interests: Lifeguard and swimming, school, sleep and food

I've been watching this community for a while but I didn't have any achievements to put down till now. 
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Novice to this community 
10:23am 16/10/2006
  Name: Lesley Silvia
Age: 27
Sex: femme
Location (country, state, city): USA, Florida, Orlando
Experience with crew/rowing: 7+ years
Position (cox, coach, rower, etc): rower, usually stroke
Level at which you participate (ie, highschool, collegiate, etc): high school & college
Notable achievements within crew: Sunshine State Confrence Champions 1998, went to Dad Vails in 2000 & 2001.
Anything else crew related that you feel is pertinent: I am only 5'5 and can only row starboard due to an injury. So people never suspect I'd be a good stroke. Also, crew made it impossible for me to find pants that fit :).
Other interests: kung fu, photography, running, gardening.

I graduated from Rollins College in 2001 and sadly my rowing career kind of ended except for a spurt when I came back to row in a couple of head races with them. I recently met up with another rower from my team, now graduated and coaching. We've been taking a double out in the mornings and we'd like to eventually race. Sculling is something new for me and I haven't been rowing since 2002, so it's been a bit like learning to walk again, but it's enjoyable. Luckily I have stayed in shape over the years with running, biking, and kung fu classes.

Edit: Oh yeah, pictures!Collapse )
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no one has updated in a long while so i thought might as well be me. 
09:46pm 13/10/2006
  so, i have a head race tomorrow here in jacksonville.
it is my first, but sadly, i will not be rowing. i had surgery on my foot over the summer, so i have gone coxswain on my team and it's been really different. i now fully understand the stress that poor little person carries around with them. i, on the other hand, am quite far from being little. i'm 5'8" 128lbs. not the ideal coxswain and yet i am. or so says my coach.
she also says that, since becoming a coxswain, she's not sure whether my ego is getting too big or if i just can't hear her but, i need to listen better.
she can kiss my well-sculpted ass. i honestly don't give a crap what she thinks. since the season started, she has only made one full weekday practice, being today. the assistant coaches have taken over and they are ten times better than her. i think she knows it too, that's probably why she gets mad at me all the time. i don't care. i'm racing tomorrow and i am super excited.
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10:23pm 18/05/2006
mood: exhausted
you know whats funny? have you ever noticed...how the word row is in...tomorrow! tomorROW! and im rowing tomorrow! haha...

dont mind me guys, i gotta pull an all nighter to get an assignment done, not really an all nighter tho, because its technically still "night" when i gotta leave for rowing.

bunbury regatta in 2 days!!
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01:28pm 17/05/2006
mood: bouncy
Name: Emmolie
Age: 18
Sex: female
Location (country, state, city): Australia, Western Australia, Perth
Experience with crew/rowing: 1 and a bit years
Position (cox, coach, rower, etc): rower
Level at which you participate (ie, highschool, collegiate, etc): dlub rowing
Notable achievements within crew: ha. well last year i couldnt do most of the regettas due to other commitments, but this year i made it into the top crew, yay!
Anything else crew related that you feel is pertinent: FIRST BUNBURY IN 4 DAYS!!! bunbury regettas rock, every w.a. rower goes down south for a weekend for rowing and shenanigans.
Other interests: uni, choir.
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08:37pm 01/05/2006
  Name: Abigail

Age: 15

Sex: female

Location (country, state, city): jacksonville, Florida, USofA

Experience with crew/rowing: all of 3 months

Position (cox, coach, rower, etc): rower

Level at which you participate (ie, highschool, collegiate, etc): high school

Notable achievements within crew: third in WN4 at cities, raced at states as varsity boat

Anything else crew related that you feel is pertinent: our club is all novice save for two rowers, one of whom we lose to college next year. i haved raced, as stroke, three times since february, when i started. the first race was a royal disaster(sculling coxless w/ a stroke ie me, who had no idea how to work foot steering) the race ended up with us hitting someone else who was heading to the start and veering way off course. my second race turned out tens times better, placing third in my first race sweeping. the third=bad conditions=frazzled cox and stroke=bad communication and not the best form.

I take food in the boat. i have eaten in the boat at every practice and just before every race. fruit leather and trail mix bars are the best.

Other interests: Jacksonville Rowing Club
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08:53pm 08/04/2006

Craziest Accident that you your self have been a part in ? go
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12:14pm 06/04/2006
  Why We Row
Written by Matt Laurich

By My legs are burning. My palms are screaming in agony. My arms are weary. As I gasp for air listening to the coxswain berate us after a sub-par performance on our last piece, I ask myself once again, "Why do I row?" Every rower has asked himself this question; very few have sufficiently answered it. Why do I submit myself to this endless torture? There must be a reason; I hope there is.

It builds character; it’s something to do; I like the pain; chicks dig it. Or maybe it’s just the sake of being able to say you did it. "Yesterday I ran six miles, did a half-hour of wind sprints and three sets of cals." Some of these are true, but they can’t be enough to keep me coming back day after day, season after season. There must be something more. There is.

Every rower craves being in a good boat. When a boat is special, the rowers develop unity and continuity. They know each other and unite behind a common goal. The boat develops an attitude, a certain cockiness. "We are the Lightweight-8." We can clown around before practice together and then get serious when it’s time for the workout, become driven not just to pull for ourselves as individuals, but for the boat. Sometimes I have to count the rowers as we are standing in a circle to make sure all eight of us are there. The separate identities give way to the boat identity.

Crew is not an easy sport; practices are designed to instruct and to exhaust. Often, pulling full pressure can be a chore, a laborious and repetitious exercise in pain. Sometimes, though, when all eight are swinging together and concentration and intensity are peaked, it is totally different. When the boat is really moving you forget about how many miles you have just rowed, about how tired you are, about how many papers you have to write tonight, and that you’re soaking wet and already sick. All you can feel is the glide, the burst of acceleration at every catch, the send as your oar releases from the water, and the glide on the recovery again. You feel the wind rushing past your head and shoulders, see the trees flying past out of the corners of your eyes as your remain focused on the man in front of you. You hear the click of the oars in the oarlocks and the water lapping against the side of the shell as it slices through the current.

You can’t do it yourself, "OK, now I’m gonna get into the zone." It doesn’t work that way. Sometimes it can be induced by the inspiration of the coxswain, a gasping rally from an oarsman, a slur or slight from opponents, or the intervention of the coach. Once it’s started it’s hard to stop, and when you’re rowing against other crews, it is this kind of move that breaks the race. The momentum takes over and other crews are helpless to stop it. When you’re walking through another boat, you’re consumed by the momentum and the invincibility; you actually want to pull even harder than you did the stroke before, make the oar bend, and the legs burn.

When the race is over and you descend from the zone, you can’t help but be proud of what you’ve done. It is hard to describe the pleasure derived from pure exhaustion. It is the knowledge that you pulled as hard as you could, pushed yourself to the limit and didn’t hold anything back. When you look around and see that everyone else in the boat is exhausted too, you know it was a good day.
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10:53pm 05/04/2006
  Name: Diana
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Location (country, state, city): Boston, MA
Experience with crew/rowing: 2 yrs
Position (cox, coach, rower, etc): cox
Level at which you participate (ie, highschool, collegiate, etc): high school
Notable achievements within crew: meh. regionals wasn't a good race for us.
Anything else crew related that you feel is pertinent: only girl cox on guys varsity- silly girls vars coach wants me to go cox for them.
Go Wayland Weston!!

Hm.. so we definately had practice in the snow today. Like it was snowing while we were on the water. And my coach decided to wake us to catch up to the fours. It was wet and cold. Not a good combination.
Whatever, it builds character.

I was wondering... what calls are the most motivational halfway through a piece when everyone is getting tired?
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10:14pm 05/04/2006
  Rowing Quick Facts

Rowing is one of the original sports in the modern Olympic Games.

Baron Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the modern Olympics, was a rower.

Rowers were the third largest U.S. delegation (48 athletes) to the Olympic Games in 2000.

Eight-oared shells are about 60-feet long - that’s 20 yards on a football field.

Rowing was the first intercollegiate sport contested in the United States. The first rowing race was between Harvard and Yale in 1852.

Physiologically, rowers are superb examples of physical conditioning. Cross-country skiers and long distance speed skaters are comparable in terms of the physical demands the sport places on the athletes.

An eight, which carries more than three-quarters of a ton (1,750 pounds), may weigh as little as 200 pounds. The boats are made of fiberglass composite material.

Singles may be as narrow as 10 inches across, weigh only 23 pounds, and stretch nearly 27-feet long.

The first rowing club in the U.S. was the Detroit Boat Club, founded in 1839.

The first amateur sport organization was a rowing club - Philadelphia’s Schuylkill Navy, founded in 1858.

From 1920 until 1956, the USA won the gold medal in the men’s eight at every Olympic Games.

The first national governing body for a sport in the United States was for rowing. Founded as the National Association for Amateur Oarsmen in 1872, it was changed in 1982 to the United States Rowing Association.

Yale College founded the first collegiate boat club in the U.S. in 1843.

FISA, the first international sports federation, was founded in 1892.

Dr. Benjamin Spock, the famous baby doctor, was an Olympic rower in 1924 and won a gold medal in the eight. Gregory Peck rowed at the University of California in 1937.

Physiologists claim that rowing a 2,000-meter race - equivalent to 1.25 miles - is equal to playing back-to-back basketball games.

In 1997, Jamie Koven became the first American to win the men’s single sculls at the world championships since 1966.

In 1999, the U.S. men’s eight won its third consecutive gold medal at the world championships, a first in U.S. history
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Smokey Jacobs Regatta 
09:03pm 05/04/2006
  So any Highschool Rowers out there rowing this Saturday at the Occaquan ?  
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09:58am 12/03/2006
mood: busy
Name: Alex
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Location (country, state, city): Miami Beach, Florida
Experience with crew/rowing: 1 Year (going on a lifetime:)
Position (cox, coach, rower, etc): Rower
Level at which you participate (ie, highschool, collegiate, etc): Highschool Level
Notable achievements within crew: Stroke in W8+ (I hope that's still considered an achievment. I'm a novice but I row with a varsity four in regattas.
Anything else crew related that you feel is pertinent: It's fairly new to me as of last year. But I've come to love it as much as it takes over my life. My coaches call me "a natural" and I couldn't explain that same feeling when I row anymore.
Other interests: Miami Beach Rowing Club :)
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Aussie Eight 
08:36pm 01/03/2006

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