abigail (icecream19) wrote in boat_house,

Name: Abigail

Age: 15

Sex: female

Location (country, state, city): jacksonville, Florida, USofA

Experience with crew/rowing: all of 3 months

Position (cox, coach, rower, etc): rower

Level at which you participate (ie, highschool, collegiate, etc): high school

Notable achievements within crew: third in WN4 at cities, raced at states as varsity boat

Anything else crew related that you feel is pertinent: our club is all novice save for two rowers, one of whom we lose to college next year. i haved raced, as stroke, three times since february, when i started. the first race was a royal disaster(sculling coxless w/ a stroke ie me, who had no idea how to work foot steering) the race ended up with us hitting someone else who was heading to the start and veering way off course. my second race turned out tens times better, placing third in my first race sweeping. the third=bad conditions=frazzled cox and stroke=bad communication and not the best form.

I take food in the boat. i have eaten in the boat at every practice and just before every race. fruit leather and trail mix bars are the best.

Other interests: Jacksonville Rowing Club
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