abigail (icecream19) wrote in boat_house,

no one has updated in a long while so i thought might as well be me.

so, i have a head race tomorrow here in jacksonville.
it is my first, but sadly, i will not be rowing. i had surgery on my foot over the summer, so i have gone coxswain on my team and it's been really different. i now fully understand the stress that poor little person carries around with them. i, on the other hand, am quite far from being little. i'm 5'8" 128lbs. not the ideal coxswain and yet i am. or so says my coach.
she also says that, since becoming a coxswain, she's not sure whether my ego is getting too big or if i just can't hear her but, i need to listen better.
she can kiss my well-sculpted ass. i honestly don't give a crap what she thinks. since the season started, she has only made one full weekday practice, being today. the assistant coaches have taken over and they are ten times better than her. i think she knows it too, that's probably why she gets mad at me all the time. i don't care. i'm racing tomorrow and i am super excited.
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