Phoebe Kit (krazey_kit) wrote in boat_house,
Phoebe Kit


Name: Phoebe Faulds
Age: 19
Sex: Girl
Location (country, state, city): USA, Washington, Olympia
Experience with crew/rowing: about 5-6 weeks
Position (cox, coach, rower, etc): rower, 
Level at which you participate (ie, highschool, collegiate, etc): College
Notable achievements within crew: I rowed a 5k in 21:27 today, bleeding blisters, I haven't raced yet but watch out when I do
Anything else crew related that you feel is pertinent: I'm 5'11" and I have lucky pants that look like the 80's threw up on me
Other interests: Lifeguard and swimming, school, sleep and food

I've been watching this community for a while but I didn't have any achievements to put down till now. 
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