Phoebe Kit (krazey_kit) wrote in boat_house,
Phoebe Kit

At least I solved where the blood was comming from

I didn't remove the top of the blisters, they kind of rubbed off. 
I had my first race yesterday, and my second.  My first race it was my first time being in a four and we raced in a wooden boat (old I know) and one girl quit but we still got 3rd.  My second race was in a noive 8+ and we got 1st no problem.  However after 2 5k races my hands were pretty bloody.  They're cleaned up in the picture but I was wondering what type of care you guys had on your blisters.  I've been using superglue and bandaids but was wondering if anything would be better.  Is it better to dry them out or to keep them covered?  Any thing I could do to keep from getting blisters?  Any advice would help, thanks. 

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