Girla Obscura (nymphie) wrote in boat_house,
Girla Obscura

Novice to this community

Name: Lesley Silvia
Age: 27
Sex: femme
Location (country, state, city): USA, Florida, Orlando
Experience with crew/rowing: 7+ years
Position (cox, coach, rower, etc): rower, usually stroke
Level at which you participate (ie, highschool, collegiate, etc): high school & college
Notable achievements within crew: Sunshine State Confrence Champions 1998, went to Dad Vails in 2000 & 2001.
Anything else crew related that you feel is pertinent: I am only 5'5 and can only row starboard due to an injury. So people never suspect I'd be a good stroke. Also, crew made it impossible for me to find pants that fit :).
Other interests: kung fu, photography, running, gardening.

I graduated from Rollins College in 2001 and sadly my rowing career kind of ended except for a spurt when I came back to row in a couple of head races with them. I recently met up with another rower from my team, now graduated and coaching. We've been taking a double out in the mornings and we'd like to eventually race. Sculling is something new for me and I haven't been rowing since 2002, so it's been a bit like learning to walk again, but it's enjoyable. Luckily I have stayed in shape over the years with running, biking, and kung fu classes.

Edit: Oh yeah,

I was Rollins College's "Athlete of the Week" my freshmen year for winning both the novice women's lightweight and the women's relay race at the Southern Spirit Erg competition.

Before a head race in Tennessee, 1999 I think.

I think this was Georgia. 2000 I think.

Tennessee. Date is wrong, this was 2001.

Right before a race in Gainesville, FL in 2001. I wanna say we won, but I am old now, and forget easily :).
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