she studied. she climbed. she wrote. (loozy) wrote in boat_house,
she studied. she climbed. she wrote.

Hi from Ireland

Name: loozy aka Julia
Age: 23
Sex: female
Location (country, state, city): Galway, Co Galway, Ireland
Experience with crew/rowing: 1yr rowing, coxing 2 months while injured
Position (cox, coach, rower, etc): rower, position 2 or stroke in a 4
Level at which you participate (ie, highschool, collegiate, etc): collegiate, NUIG BC
Notable achievements within crew: Irish National Champions 2006 in Novice Women 8, 2nd place in 2006 Irish Intervarsities in Novice Women 8 *coxed*, Winner of NUIG Head of the Corrib 2005
Anything else crew related that you feel is pertinent: with a size of 5'2 I'm better suited as a cox, size- wise, but I've fought for my place in the crew and am very proud of this achievement :)
Other interests: reading, writing, movies, relaxing, basketball, snowboard

Just finished the NUIG Head of the Corrib 2006, and now I'm gonna lie down and relax my back...
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Welcome !
OMGosh it must be awesome to live and row in ireland. I live in the United States in philadelphia pennsylvania. I rowed all through high school and college I was a coxswain and I love the sport just as much as Ireland. My grandparents were strait off the boat and I am 50% Irish, I love the heritage, and I will visit there before I die but I can only imagine how it is to live and row in Ireland. Please write back I would love to talk more about life.

Joseph Lincke